Global Business Development: 
  • Landfill Gas Capture to DME/Power
  • Stranded/Associated Natural Gas to DME/Power Projects 
  • Conventional and Alternative Energy Projects
  • MSW, Biomass - Synthesis gas, fuels & bio-fuels
  • Development/Drafting/Participation of Public and Private Tenders 
  • Collaboration/Teaming/Business Consortiums 
  • Turn-key, Project Financing of “Construction Ready” Projects
  • Renewable Energy/W2E Processing  Facilities
  • Turn-key Renewable & conventional Power Gen, Base Power and Peaking Power
  • Utilization of Private and Private/Public Constructs
  • Public, Private Partnerships (PPP) 
  • Build, Own, Operate and Transfer (BOOT) 
  • Build, Own, Operate (BOO)
  • Build, Lease, Transfer (BLT) 
  • Build, Own, Transfer (BOT) 
Global Reserves LLC. and it's partners have developed waste to energy (W2E) projects, including power generation projects worldwide using various types of technologies that process municipal solid waste (MSW) and biomass, producing various types of combustible gases for DME production and/or power generation.
Global Reserves LLC. and it's partners have developed sustainable solutions, including the elimination of landfills and waste dumps on behalf of local, municipal, city and states within the United States and central, provincial, city and municipal governments the world over, with contemplated energy technologies.  
Global Reserves LLC. and it's partners have developed and is promoting and marketing certain types of sustainable energy and renewable energy technologies, stranded and associated natural gas, DME, LNG and LPG technologies, new energy development models for renewable energy related projects throughout the United States and various countries and regions of the world.
Global Focus:
Renewable Energy, including 
  • DME, LNG, LPG Project Development
  • Unsegregated, Mixed MSW W2E Processing
  • Waste Water to Energy Processing
  • Associated Business Development
  • Turn-key, Private and Multilateral Funding
  • Design, Develop, Construct and O&M 
  • Significant CSR component(s)
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