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Presently our board consists of 4 Directors. The company is managed by a team of well-qualified and highly experienced professionals under the leadership of Executive Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Robert Whitfield with the support of four Whole-time Directors. From construction experts to highly trained security personnel to the world’s finest engineers, Global’s executives endow the organization with the practical know-how and industrial knowledge to guide the vision of the company. Additional resources including consultants, military special-ops personal and military intelligence experts compliment our functionality and performance with integrity.

A brief profile of our Whole Time Directors is furnished below:

Mr. Robert Whitfield, Executive Chairman:  Mr. Whitfield is a senior executive with over 46 years of experience in operations, management and finance in the energy, oil, gas and telecommunications industries. Mr. Whitfield is the current owner/operator of Landmark Oil and Gas, an independent oil and gas company engaged in the development, exploitation and exploration of oil and gas properties located in North America. Mr. Whitfield served on the Board of Directors of a publicly traded NASDAQ oil and gas company for over ten years. He serves as the key strategist and Executive Chairman for Global Reserves.

Mr. Richard Peters, Executive Director (Construction and Security): Mr. Peters is an established senior executive with over 46 years of complex project development, complemented by technical teams of highly skilled architects, engineers and security personnel. He has been proficient in completing an array of international projects throughout the world including some within the most hazardous theaters known to man. Mr. Peters is recognized for many talents including his expertise in the implementation of Global Security services.

Mr. Ethan Todd Hosein, Executive Director:  Mr. Hosein is highly experienced in executive level new business development and sales. During his career, Mr. Hosein has been instrumental in the negotiations and execution of several high dollar contracts resulting in significantly increased revenue streams for the organizations he has worked for. Mr. Hosein’s primary responsibilities are the marketing, business development and contract negotiations with local and state officials.

Mr. Darryl Austin, Director (Construction):  Mr. Austin is a senior executive with over 40 years of successful construction management and operational experience in project management services, large solid waste operations, complex earthwork projects and renewable energy and facility construction in the private and public sector. His expertise includes extensive project development and exceptional business development skills.